Who am I.

My name is Martin Hermens, I am 20 years old and I live in Vlissingen in
The Netherlands.
I am doing the course "MBO Applicatie- en mediaontwikkelaar" in
The Netherlands.
That is a course where you lear the basics of programming and the language SQL.
I went to that course because I think programming is interesting and to understand it better.
I have been working in IT for 8 years and have 2 years experience in programming.

My biggest interest is ethical hacking and I already have a lot of experience in the field.
I try to learn new things everyday and am trying to become as good as possible so that I can help others with their problems.
Outside school, I try to better understand how programs work and sometimes copying someone's software to make it better.
Such as: I had made a "hash cracker" because I wanted to know how a hashes where broken and if I could make it better than hashcat.

I myself have the hobby rescue swimming, which I do every Monday.


2018 Hackoclipse

KvK-nr.: 69383944